The Shootin' House Hunting Blind


The Shootin' House

The Shootin’ House is our angle on a box blind that doesn’t compromise the visibility from the corners of the blind.

With the same general dimensions of the 360 Series blinds, but with more space in each corner, this is a great blind for hunters who bring the kids or want to hang out with a buddy.


A: Integrated ventilation

B: Seamless acrylic roof coating

C: Peep windows  at standing height

D: 24x60 inward swinging door

E: Tinted rifle and archery windows

F: LP Smart Side exterior

Features & Upgrades

Features Included

  • Three 29”x16” tinted gun/crossbow windows
  • Four 12”x32” Archery windows
  • One 18”x12” window in door
  • Lockable door latch
  • 4"x12" peep windows
  • Four, 4x4 pockets for stand posts
  • Padded shooting rails at each window
  • Integrated Ventilation Above Door
  • Carpeted floor & walls up to bottom of windows

Upgrade Options

  • Insulated floor and walls
  • Metal tower stand
  • Wooden tower stand
  • Handicap accessible door

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