Don Higgins Shoots "Smokey The Buck" from our blind!


We've been waiting to share this exciting story with you; Our friend Don Higgins of Real World Wildlife Products had the good fortune to shoot this incredible 200"+ Whitetail which Don named Smokey.

You can read the thrilling narrative in detail on Don's blog, but we also want to point you to this excellent video story of the hunt over on Real World's website.


We met Don at a sporting show where we were representing our 360 Series hunting blinds. A friendship was made and Don has bought several of our blinds since then and is also a dealer for our products!

In Don's words:

"When I was blessed to shoot “Smokey” my second 200” whitetail in 2017 it was no coincidence that I did so from a 360 Hunting Blind. I was first introduced to 360 Hunting Blinds at an outdoor show in Ohio a couple of years earlier and was so impressed that my business partner Kevin Boyer and I actually tried to buy the company. 
Kevin and I are the owners of Real World Wildlife Products but we are serious deer hunters and land-managers first and foremost. We know what it takes to be successful and demand the highest quality products for our own hunting. In fact, this is the very reason we started Real World Wildlife Products 10 years ago; we felt we could offer better quality food-plot seed and deer nutrition products than were being offered to the hunting community. We challenge our customers to compare our products side-by-side with any similar product on the market and I make the same challenge regarding 360 Hunting Blinds."

If you are looking for a high-quality hunting blind you owe it to yourself to take a close look at 360 Hunting Blinds.
— Don Higgins | Co-owner of Real World Wildlife Products

"There are a lot of reasons why I have 360 Hunting Blinds on my own property but it all starts with the great visibility and fact that there are no blind spots with the 360 blinds. It is important to see a target deer as soon as possible to get in position to make the shot when it presents itself and not miss the opportunity. The window system in the 360 hunting blinds is second to none. 360 hunting blinds are also quiet, comfortable and well-built.While Smokey was the first deer I ever shot from a 360 Hunting Blind, I am confident he won’t be the last. If you are looking for a high-quality hunting blind you owe it to yourself to take a close look at 360 Hunting Blinds."

Merle FisherComment